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11 Best Things for a Beagle Owner

A Beagle Owner’s Guide from the Essential Eleven

This beagle owner’s guide will give you the top 11 things that all beagle owners need for a beagle. If you are a first-time beagle owner, this list will help you sort through everything out there. We hope it gives you some tried-and-true recommendations.

Beagles are one of the most devoted breeds that you’ll find… devoted to food. After following their noses to the tiniest crumb, they absolutely adore their humans. They are snuggly and up for cuddling in their blankets or on the couch unless they get a surge of energy. Or get a whiff of a rabbit. Or cheese.

Our beagle, Dash

Here, we’ve compiled a list of things that we love to for our beagle, Dash. These are tested and have outshone the others. If you are a new beagle owner, take notes! We hope that the things that we found will save you the time and money of trying other options.

  1. Toy: Best Indestructible toy for a beagle
  2. Travel: Best on-the-go water bottle
  3. Travel: Best travel crate for a beagle
  4. Feeding: Best slow-feeder
  5. Best harness for a beagle
  6. Safety: Best seatbelt for a beagle
  7. Healing: Best recovery suit for a beagle
  8. Home: Best dog hair-remover for furniture
  9. Feeding: Most loved dog treat for a beagle
  10. Necessity: Best brush for a beagle
  11. Training: Best bark collar for a beagle

1. Best Indestructible Toy for a Beagle

This is the most indestructible dog toy: PetSafe’s Busy Buddy Waggle Treat-Dispensing Toy.  Most things aren’t ranked on our lists; they are meant to be random. However, this is our absolute, must-buy for a beagle or any medium to large dog. We were first introduced to this at our local dog park in Cary, NC. It had been played with among many large dogs and didn’t have a mark.

Technically, it’s a treat dispenser too, but we’ve only used it for fetch. It does bounce on hard floors. It’s on the bigger side if you have a young beagle pup, but our 30-pound, 20-month old beagle cannot get enough. So far, this has lasted in our house for 9 months and still looks brand new. This is our #1 dog toy for beagles.

2. Best on-the-go Water Bottle

This is the travel dog bowl that you never knew you needed. Once you get one, you wont leave the house without it.

Dog owners stop us all of the time asking about this travel water bottle for our beagle. It’s portable, and easily dispenses water. If your beagle doesn’t drink it all, you can drain it back into the sealed bottle to save for his next sips. There is a small wrist strap to tote along on your adventures. Doesn’t leak, and is of course, a reusable water bottle for Fido.

3. Best Travel Crate for a Beagle

Our beagle, Dash, loves to travel with us. He’s great in the car. We now opt to rent houses when we travel over hotels so that we can have a kitchen, as well as outdoor space for Dash. To be respectful of those rental homes, we have Dash in a crate if we ever leave him alone. This is the best travel dog crate that we’ve found: it is easy to set up, has easy carrying handles, and is strong enough to hold up. The zippered door rolls up and Velcro’s when it’s open so that we don’t have to worry about him deciding that the zipper is a chew toy.

4. Best Slow-Feeder Bowl for a Beagle

Beagles love to gobble up their food. We’ve found that slowing down their eating is preventative with digestion issues. No one likes to see (or clean up) dog vomit. This is a great slow feeder dog bowl that slows our beagle down when eating and gives him some mental stimulation in the meantime.

5. Best Dog Harness for a Beagle

Dash’s Plush Harness

Next up: the best dog hardness for a beagle. Our top pick is the Plush Step-In Air Mesh Harness. We’ve tried a few harnesses and keep coming back to this one. The only thing that would make this perfect for us is if there was a front lead on it. It is the easiest to get on and off and doesn’t allow them to wiggle out of. It’s lightweight and washable. And it’s a great price at less than $30. This one we purchased at our favorite pet store, Unleashed.

6. Best Dog Seatbelt for a Beagle

Do beagles like going in the car? Depends on the beagle. Our dog, Dash, loves to go on a car ride anytime he can. All we have to say is “want to do for a ride?” and he runs to the garage door. To keep him safe, we advise always having him in a dog seatbelt attached to his harness (never directly to their collars).

With his seatbelt on, he can safely stick his nose out of the window while staying safe and secure. We’ve tried a couple of seatbelts; this is our favorite. It’s a 2-pack and comes with a free travel water bottle.

7. Best Recovery Suit for a Beagle

Beagles are known for being escape artists. Getting yours spayed or neutered? The cone of shame was no challenge for our beagle Dash, He had it chewed and off in no time. We bought the nice, soft pillow-like one to make him comfortable. It lasted less than 30 seconds on.

Then, we found out about recovery suits. This worked and kept him comfortable to heal. The suit makes it so that they cannot lick or get to any stitches. It’s also machine washable. These unisex suits work for males and females (the suits have an area where you can cut a pre-determined hole for males). It can double later as a cute beagle costume. Our striped one had Dash looking like a sailor. At the time, he was about 27 pounds and wore a large.

8. Best Dog Hair-Remover for Furniture

Beagles on shed all year round. Who knew that this breed could lose so much fur? We were skeptical of this, but over 118,000 ratings on this one hold true. There is no filter to replace. No loud vacuum to scare your pup. Just a back-and-forth motion over your furniture, and then a an easy-to-open compartment to take out the collected fur and toss. Great value and great performer. This dog-hair remover is a must purchase!

9. Most Loved Dog Treats for a Beagle


This one was a toss-up. We like to rotate our treats with Dash to keep his interest up. These two are always winners.

First, the peanut butter ones were fantastic during training, and he still loves them now. We’ll hide some in his blankets when he needs to be crated to give him some extra stimulation.

Next, the Blue Buffalo treats cannot be beat. He adores these. He’ll even come in from outside to get one of these. Dash’s favorite ones are the bacon, egg, and cheese flavor.

Does he still go for any cheese or meat from his humans? He certainly tries. And occasionally sneaks a few bites. But, we do our best to have plenty of dog treats available for Dash.

10. Best Dog Brush for a Beagle

Next, the dog brush that we love: the Furminator! Our beagle, Dash, loves this dog brush. He gets excited just seeing it come out of the cabinet. But, it did take him a little time to warm up to it. For beagle coats, this brush does the job. We’ve learned that daily brushing, especially in warm weather, really helps keep the shedding to a minimum. Now that he knows it, he thinks he is getting a spa treatment. This is the best dog brush for beagles out there!

11. Best Bark Collar for a Beagle

Finally, beagle barking can be tough. There is the bark and then there is the howl. If you are lucky like us, your beagle will do a heavy mix of both. These are typically not quiet dogs. Our Dash will howl affectionately when he is happy, or howl fiercely if he thinks there is a predator, like a deer in the backyard. He barks when he needs something, but it can be a problem.

We hesitated with this collar because it can shock, but we’ve never needed that level. However, the feature is there if needed. Dash stops barking just from hearing the beep. The fact that it is remote-controlled helped us with making sure that he was not trying any counter surfing, too.

Essential Wrap-Up

We think these are essentials that every beagle owner needs. Beagles are the best breed and ADORE their owners. We love these dogs and want to give our dogs the best. Finding the right indestructible dog toys is tough, but we made this list to narrow it down to tried and true items. Training beagles is all about praise… and food. Motivational dog treats for training is key!

Let us know what your dog thinks of these! We hope that these 11 items bring your dog enjoyment and entertainment as they did for our dog, Dash. Did we miss something that Dash might like? Let us know!

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11 Best Things for a Beagle Owner